Dr. Pamela J. Pine

Creative Global Changemaker

Speaker, Trainer, Workshop Leader,
International Public Health Specialist,
and Child Sexual Abuse Expert

Dr. Pamela J. Pine

Dr. Pamela J. Pine is a recognized global keynote speaker, trainer, and workshop presenter. She is an international public health, communication, and development specialist, child abuse expert, and multi-faceted artist and author.

Based on over 30 years of extensive world-wide experience designing, developing, implementing, and managing international programs and organizations, Dr. Pine brings a unique, creative, comprehensive and transformative approach to tackling challenging global and community issues. Weaving expansive and fascinating knowledge, passion, and her innovative, educational storytelling approach that draws on her breathtaking global professional experience, Dr. Pine allows participants and audiences to move along a path to a true understanding of pressing complex issues, while offering action-driven, take-away solutions that unite people, communities, and societies toward effective change.

Her stand-out, creative, and interactive presentations and trainings inspire, engage, and motivate organizations and professionals across the world with foundational, long-lasting strategies and results.


Dr. Pine has been conducting trainings throughout the globe for for leading non-profit organizations, schools, mental health and counseling providers, government agencies, police departments and corporate clients.


Dr. Pine’s keynote speaking and conference engagements, and creative and interactive presentations, engage and inspire. Evaluations of her education and training programs typically yield such reviews: “Excellent”, “Just want I needed”, “Very knowledgeable”, and much more!


Dr. Pine travels throughout the world inspiring workshop participants with creative, education-rich, interactive learning experiences. Dr. Pine’s use of art and multimedia in her workshop helps participants to synthesize complex information while encouraging creativity to open hearts and mind.



“Very knowledgeable”
“Added immeasurable value”
“Just what we needed”