Pamela is an adept artist whose media include drawing, painting, sculpting, song, and writing. She is a published author (prose and poetry) and shown visual artist. Some of her written work is identified below and a few of her visual pieces are shown on this page. Pamela is available to read and speak on her many life stories, which carry with them inspirational and wise tales and life lessons.

Unstoppable: Being Fierce, Fearless, and Unf*ckwithable in Life and Business

by Rochel Marie Lawson (Author), Chapter 12 by Dr. Pamela J Pine, The Year of Dying – How to Move through Challenge and Loss to Love and Light (on Amazon)

This book is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Strong Mothers – More than a Survival Guide

Chapter 18 by Dr. Pamela J. Pine, The Year of Near Dying – Surviving the Projected Death of a Child

This book is a #1 Best Seller in more than four categories on Amazon.


Inseparable: Beautiful and Pathetic, Wondrous and Tragic, on Vocal

Orien: The Brightest Stars, On Vocal

Visual Pieces